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Armada Technologies introduces the world’s first compressor-free hull air lubrication system offering the vessel owner genuine fuel savings in excess of those offered by earlier hull air lubrication systems.

Armada Technologies’ ‘passive air lubrication system’ (PALS) utilizes the forward motion of the ship to draw air from the deck and to create a specific air/water mixture. Blowers plus stand-by small capacity water pumps may be used when at high draughts or very slow speeds.

PALS Benefits:

  • No compressors! Great energy efficiency
  • Armada is targeting a very ‘flat operating curve’
  • System performance is more consistent across a wide range of operating conditions
  • Easy operation
  • Less maintenance, inspections and overhauls
  • Smaller installation footprint, less intrusive to vessel and can be installed during a standard dry dock ranging from 12 to 21 days
  • Optimal drag reduction is aligned with ship type, prevailing speed, draft and even weather conditions
  • Ongoing optimization via machine learning
  • Double-digit fuel savings is achievable


Competitor Information

In the Air Lubrication Systems’ (ALS) market, several competitors offer solutions for air lubrication systems that aim to reduce drag and fuel consumption of vessels. However, these systems come with their own set of limitations and challenges.

Some of the competitors’ systems require continuous operation of compressors, which can significantly reduce net savings or even result in a negative impact. Furthermore, the systems may be affected by vessel depth limitations and the impact of sea state. During vessel rolling and operations at drafts of 12 m or below, hydrostatic pressure can move from a progressive shearing of air in cavity-based ALSs to a ‘belch’ effect, where intermittent bursts of air are released instead of a smooth layer, rendering the ALS useless.

Moreover, competitor systems often exhibit inflexibility in their operation, where vessel speed is the primary parameter to adjust ALS performance. This can be a significant challenge for vessels that need to maintain a consistent speed or travel through varying water conditions. Additionally, competitor systems can have extensive space requirements for the installation of compressors and piping.

Operational challenges associated with competitor systems can include a higher level of noise and vibration. This can be a significant concern for crew comfort and can even result in decreased operational efficiency. Additionally, these systems can be highly technical to operate, requiring significant crew training and maintenance.

Call to action:

We understand the unique challenges facing the shipping industry today, and we are committed to providing you with the most advanced and effective air lubrication systems available.

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